Gut Cutters

Our Gut Cutters range in throughput from 3 T/hr up to 8T/hr and feature a unique cutter arrangement to improve efficency and consistency.

AZ50HDG Gut Cutter

The AZ50HDG is a single shaft gut cutter with a throughput of 7-8 T/hr

Developed for applications where high volume gut cutting is required - a perfect companion for our AZ80/60M Pre-Breaker. Using the same robust frame as the AZ50HDM Pre-breaker and with a 1382mm long cutting chamber as standard, this machine is capable of processing up to 8T/hr of soft offal material.


Key Features

  • 2 x 18.5kW drives
  • Single shaft design
  • 1382mm standard cutting chamber length
  • Up to 8T/hr throughput
  • High torque/low speed
  • 120mm hexagonal shafts for superior strength
  • Planetary reduction gearbox
  • High surface hardness/high core strength repairable alloy cutters
  • 38mm cutters
  • Hot dip galvanised casing
  • Seal protection plates and high pressure bearing seals
  • Fast replacement of cutters and anvils
  • DOL, Smart Start, and Eco Vari Drive control options with auto reverse and overload protection.