Brentwood 5 Bin Carousel
Brentwood Bin Carousel

Bins filling up too fast?

Extend your lines bin capacity by up to 6 times with one of Brentwoods Automatic Bin Changing Carousels.

Brentwood Bin Carousels

Let’s face it, full bins are not only annoying, they also cause hassle, disruption to staff, operator and anyone responsible to keep bin levels under control.  And, any failure to do so can result in a larger mess to clean up.  Our bin carousel features :

  • 6 second bin changes for minimal interruption
  • Up to 5 x the capacity of a single bin
  • For sorting lines, chutes, large buildings, hotels, restaurants and virtually anywhere 4 wheeled bins are used.
Brentwood  Automatic Bin Changing Carousel puts bin changes on autopilot. All Brentwood Bin Carousels:
  • Sense Bin levels
  • Work with MGB 4 wheeled bins (660l/1100l)
  • Communicate to feeder systems and chutes to stop and resume automatically
  • Change in a fresh bins in just 6 seconds
  • Notify you when the bin capacity in the carousel is above a certain threshold so you are in charge as to when the best time is to refresh the bin carousel
  • Reduce the frequency of contractor bin collections

Safe Operation

The Cat 3 Electrical system is designed with safety in mind. It features PLC control and fail-safe systems that communicate with your surrounding equipment and systems to ensure people are kept safe from moving machinery.

All drive componentry is fully enclosed providing guarding to meet Australian Safety Standards

5 bins, compact 4m x 4m footprint

(Versions with less bins take up less space)

4m x 4m Footprint
Less than a metre high
  • Available in 2,3,4 & 5 Bin versions
  • 0.75KW (415V) Electric Drive via Gearbox
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia

Which means we are here to answer your questions and can design and build a solution to suit your requirements.


  • Feed chute door integration
  • Safety Fence

If you would like to know more about the bin carousels then head to the Contact page.