M&J Stationary Pre-Shredders
M&J Pre-Shredders

M&J Pre Shredders

M&J are the shredding experts.

M&J specialises in the design and manufacture of shredding equipment that effectively and reliably reduces the size of waste materials including C&I Waste, C&D Waste, heavy timber, MSW, industrial waste and hazardous waste. They are one of the world’s leading suppliers of shredders for the waste handling industry. Their customers include companies that work with incineration, hazardous waste, waste-to-energy conversion, recycling, landfills, cement production and composting.

Key Features

  • Up to 200 tph throughput (M&J 6000S)
  • Open cutting table principle reduces wear
  • Siemens S7 PLC equipped with Lincoln automatic lubrication systems
  • Hydrostatic drive using Hagglunds and Parker/Denison components
  • With no bolts, bearings, or adjustable parts in the cutting chamber, maintenance is simplified and downtime is reduced.
  • All M&J shredders shred efficiently in both directions
  • Can be operated by remote control or via industry standards such as Profibus.


M&J K160 & K210

M&J K Series

The smallest in the M&J range. These are highly versatile, universal shredders for users that only process limited quantities of waste yet still need a high degree of flexibility, durability and profitability.

M&J PreShred 2000s

M&J 2000 Range

Particularly suitable for shredding household waste in cases where huge capacities are required.

M&J PreShred 4000S

M&J 4000 Range

The perfect shredder for all kinds of waste. This unit can tackle everything shreddable – with no exceptions.

M&J 6000s

M&J 6000 Range

Probably one of the world’s most productive static waste shredders – with unique capabilities.

P250 E-drive shredder

M&J P250 E-drive

Up to 50% lower energy consumption. The revolutionary M&J P250 E-drive is a strong and versatile pre-shredder used for waste processing and waste recycling applications. It can process most types of waste.

P250 Hydraulic

M&J P250 Hydraulic

The revolutionary M&J P250 is a strong and versatile pre-shredder used for waste processing and waste recycling applications. It can process most types of waste.

The Technology

Patented technology, exceptional capabilities.M&J Recycling manufactures heavy-duty industrial shredders that feature patented cutting table and rotating knife designs that set them in a class of their own. The entire basic principle is protected by worldwide patents, as are several specific design features.

Exceptionally Durable

All M&J Recycling shredders have an exceptionally large shredding zone that makes it easy to deal with over-size items and to prevent bulky material bridging. Openings between the counter knives make sure sand, gravel, etc pass through easily without causing unnecessary wear.

The large, rotating knives and the counter knives are all made from 500BHN abrasion resistant steel plate. This material is exceptionally wear resistant, making sure the knives have the longest possible service life.

The knives are solidly welded onto the shafts, making M&J Recycling shredders extremely robust, capable of withstanding impacts from any items that simply cannot be shredded. There are no bolts, bearings or adjustable parts anywhere in the cutting area—which significantly cuts down on the need for cleaning and service.

The shafts can turn in both directions with full torque, and can operate asynchronously. This provides greater capacity and less risk of tangling, reduces bridging and spreads the wear evenly on both rotating and counter knives.

Self Cleaning

A special “self-cleaning” system makes sure M&J Recycling shredders automatically reverse their direction of rotation at pre-programmed intervals. As a result, the shredder loosens any material on the shaft and “cleans” the cutting table—also helping prevent unnecessary wear.

Power House

The rotating shafts on M&J Recycling shredders are powered by specially configured hydrostatic drives. These take the mechanical rotary output of the diesel or electric power pack and convert it into hydraulic power. This is then converted back to mechanical power to rotate the shafts. Such hydrostatic drives provide very high shredding power even at low rotating speeds, and are highly reliable even when processing heavy loads.

Intelligently Controlled

All the main functions are monitored and controlled by service-friendly PLCs equipped with intelligent software that automatically adjusts operating profiles to match specific types of input flows. This is supplemented by an Anti Jam System (AJS) that protects both cutting tools and power pack from unnecessary damage. The advanced control electronics make it easy to link M&J Recycling shredders to centralized surveillance facilities and control rooms.

Modular Design

All M&J Recycling shredders feature a modular design that ensures effective upgrade paths and highly cost-effective service life extensions. Changing shafts is rapid and straightforward, and it’s easy to swap out the entire cutting table should your shredding requirements change over time.

Downstream Benefits

The advantages of M&J Recycling shredders aren’t limited to the cutting table. In addition to maximum performance in terms of capacity and grain size, the shredding process is designed to ensure consistently even distribution of material on the conveyor after shredding.