Bring Your Old Shredder Back To Life
Bring Your Old Shredder Back To Life

Breathe new life into your old shredder with new or refurbished cutters, upgraded gearboxes, or a complete shredder refurbishment.

Extend The Life Of Your Shredder

Brentwood Shredders are designed to last – but there comes a time when even the most well maintained shredder requires more than just preventitive maintenance.  We are the experts in maintaining and repairing our shredders and we can bring your old shredder back to near new condition with a full overhaul and a range of upgrades to extend its working life.

You may be looking to re-task your shredder for a different application which may require different cutters – we can advise on how best to adapt your shredder to new applications.

For many of our original machines, new reduction gearboxes are required.  We can upgrade your old gearboxes to our new Planetary Gearbox design which gives a longer service life and quieter operation.

For our AZ50HD machines we have developed a new high pressure seal system designed to give maximum protection to the shaft bearings.  We can retrofit this system to any of our AZ50HD machines.

In some cases, the existing cutters on our machines can be refurbished at a much lower cost than new cutters.  In fact, our cutters can be refurbished up to 3 times giving our customers lower ongoing operational costs.

Why not talk to us today about giving your Brentwood Shredder an overhaul TODAY !


Dont Risk An Inferior Repair !

Your shredder represents a significant investment so why would you choose to allow inexperienced repairers to service and overhaul your machines ?  Brentwood have been building and repairing shredders for over 43 years and our team of technicians boast over 150 years collectively in the repair and refurbishment of our shredders.  Our factory is purpose built to build and repair our shredders and our genuine spare parts ensure that  repairs are performed to the correct specifications for each machine.    Why would you trust anyone else to repair your shredder ?  

Non genuine parts are often made from inferior materials and jeopardise the life of your shredder.  Only Brentwood can offer factory approved, genuine parts, designed specifically for use in your shredder.


Shredder Refurbishment – Before and After

We have put together some examples of refurbishments and repairs – see the menu for some examples of recent refurbishments and see how we can return well worn shredders to near new condition.  We are repairing and refurbishing shredders continually in our factory – why not call us to discuss how your Brentwood Shredder can be upgraded and revived by our team of technicians.