Metso M&J Pre Shredders
Metso M&J Pre Shredders

Built to shred almost anything, Metso M&J Pre Shredders are used the world over for primary and secondary shredding.

Shredders: M&J 4000 Range

The perfect shredder for all kinds of waste. This unit can tackle everything shreddable – with no exceptions.

This model is the most versatile and robust of all M&J shredders, capable of shredding any type of material. The huge cutting table measures 4000 x 2300 mm. This ensures that virtually any kind of material can be loaded into the shredder and the twin-shaft system makes sure that bridging does not arise.

M&J 4000 shredders are equipped with a double hydrostatic drive system, with motor capacities from 264 kW up to 400 kW, depending on the nature of the waste stream, the required output and the desired grain size.

The M&J 4000 is available with 5–12 rotating knives, depending on the required grain size. Versions equipped with 2 shafts – each with 5 knives – and providing grain sizes of up to 800 mm are ideal for manual picking lines. The version fitted with 12 knives produces a material < 100 mm, making it ideal for use in conjunction with Circulating Fluidised Bed (CFB) incineration.

Key Features

  • Twin shafts
  • Bulky, industrial, hazardous and household waste
  • Pre-shredding for picking lines
  • Fine shredding for CFB incineration

M&J 4000S Static Shredder

The M&J 4000S stationary shredder is designed to meet the special needs of plants in which the incoming material is extremely varied in both size and composition, and may also contain unpredictable components. The combination of a large cutting table and a twin-shaft shedding system makes it possible to shred almost any kind of material and that there are no problems with bridging.

The two extremely powerful shafts run asynchronously and in both directions. The power is transmitted via a double hydrostatic transmission that makes sure the machine provides full power right from startup and takes full advantage of all the power for shredding. Variants of this large-size model are available with different mobility systems, including semi-trailer, towed trailer, crawlers and hydraulic supports.

Examples include recycling plants for refuse-derived fuel, incinerators and large hazardous waste plants.

Download the latest M&J 4000S brochure (3803KB)

M&J 4000M Mobile Shredder

The M&J 4000M is a large mobile shredder capable of effectively and reliably shredding virtually any type of material. This includes particularly challenging inputs such as household refuse, bulky waste, construction and demolition waste, chemical waste, industrial waste, tree stumps, carpets, mattresses, railway sleepers, refrigerators as well as compacted waste in bales and rolls. Throughput can be as high as 30–100 tons/hour depending on the type of input, the number of knives specified for the cutting table and the feed set-up.

The M&J 4000M features two extremely powerful shafts running asynchronously and in both directions. The interaction between the knives rotating on these two shafts ensures that the input material is in constant movement, thus preventing bridging and providing maximum shredding capacity.

The M&J 4000M deals with the same kinds of material as the 4000S. It is equipped with a 390 kW/530 HP Mercedes motor with either a standard hydraulic system or the special HDC high-speed version.

Download the latest M&J 4000M Crawler brochure (2046KB)

This shredder is available as a trailer or semi-trailer, as a crawler, and with hydraulic legs for semi-static use where no electricity supply is available. The Power Pack used in these mobile shredders is a particularly compact unit that we design and build in-house

Download the latest M&J 4000M Trailer brochure (2590KB)



Shredders: M&J 4000 Range

M&J 4000S M&J 4000M
Number of shafts 2 2
Rotation speed 25 – 55 rpm 25 – 55 rpm
Cutting area (l x w) 2420 x 1750 mm 2420 x 1750 mm
Dimensions (l x w x h) 4000 x 2300 x 1250 4000 x 2300 x 1250
Number of knives 2 x 5/6/8/9/10/12 2 x 5/6/8/9/10/12
Motor 2 x132 kW 390 kW/530 HP
2 x 160 kW
2 x 200 kW
Cutting table 15-17 t 15-17 t
Power pack 5.0 t 5.0 t
Chassis and conveyor 3.5 t 11.5 t
Total weight 23.5 t 31.5 T (semi trailer)
Household Waste up to 100 tph up to 100 tph
Demolition wood up to 60 tph up to 60 tph
Industrial waste up to 40 tph up to 40 tph
Bulky waste up to 40 tph up to 40 tph
5 knives <800 mm <800 mm
6 knives <450 mm <450 mm
8 knives <300 mm <300 mm
9 knives <250 mm <250 mm
10 knives <200 mm <200 mm
12 knives <100 mm <100 mm