M&J PreShred 2000S

M&J 2000 Range

Particularly suitable for shredding household waste in cases where huge capacities are required.

The M&J 2000S is a single-shaft stationary shredder that features PLC-controlled automatic reversal and shredding in both directions. This innovative feature prevents material wrapping around the shaft, helping eliminate stoppages and preventing breakdowns.

An open cutting table and a shredding zone that is both long and wide make this mid-size model ideal for processing inputs such as household refuse, bulky waste, industrial waste, demolition waste, etc. Depending on the type of waste, the cutting table specified and the feed set-up, throughputs of 5–70 tons/hour are within easy reach


  • 6 to 10 knife configurations
  • up to 70 tph on household waste
  • Single shaft
  • Large cutting table
  • Household waste
  • Demolition wood

The M&J 2000 can be equipped with two different rotating knife designs, both with 80 mm Hardox knives.

HD (Heavy Duty)
The HD knife is the all-around knife design that shreds the same kind of material as the M&J 4000 – including carpets, mattresses and other difficult materials, as well as wood and household waste.  This knife has a smaller diameter than the HP knife which means it generally exerts greater torque on the material you want to shred.

HP (High Performance)
HP knives have larger diameters than their HD counterparts. They also have 2 x 3 knife tips on each blade. These blades were specially developed for shredding household waste, demolition wood and green waste – uses in which the nature of the material means there is no need for extreme force.  With its 3 knife tips, the HP knife is the perfect solution for shredding household waste where high torque is not normally needed.  However, when unexpected non-household items such as bicycles and steel drums turn up in the waste stream, the tip closest to the shaft applies greater torque, making sure it is dealt with effectively.

M&J 2000S Static Shredder

The HP version of the M&J 2000S is the equipment of choice for shredding or bag opening huge amounts of household waste that contains only a limited amount of complicated material. Capacities can be up to 70 t/hour, depending on the exact nature of the waste and the size of the Power Pack installed.

It is driven by a hydraulic system with a direct hydrostatic drive. This means the machine always starts at full power and speed, and all the power is exploited for shredding.

Download the latest M&J 2000S brochure (1337KB)

M&J 2000 Range

M&J 2000S
Number of shafts 1
Rotation speed 25 – 55 rpm
Cutting area (l x w) 2420 x 990/1280
Dimensions (l x w x h) 4000 x 2400 x 1350
Number of knives 1 x 6/8/9/10
Motor 110 kW
132 kW
160 kW
200 kW
Cutting table 10-12 t
Power pack 3.3 t
Chassis and conveyor 3.3 t
Total weight 16.6 t
Household Waste up to 70 tph
Demolition wood up to 40 tph
Industrial waste up to 20 tph
Bulky waste up to 20 tph
6 knives <450 mm
8 knives <300 mm
9 knives <250 mm
10 knives <200 mm