Metso M&J Pre Shredders
Metso M&J Pre Shredders

Built to shred almost anything, Metso M&J Pre Shredders are used the world over for primary and secondary shredding.

M&J 1000 Range

The smallest in the M&J range. It is a highly versatile, universal shredder for users that only process limited quantities of waste yet still need a high degree of flexibility, durability and profitability.

The M&J 1000 is a very robust, versatile shredder that is equipped with two powerful shafts. These run asynchronously and shred in both directions, resulting in constant movement of material and a homogeneous waste stream.  Bridging is avoided because difficult to shred items are tackled from different angles with different levels of torque from the outer and inner knife tips.

The rotating knives are 60mm thick and made of Hardox steel.  The counter knives are replaceable and the rotating shafts can be adjusted horizontally.

Key Features

  • 4 to 7 knife configurations
  • Twin shafts
  • Extremely versatile
  • Static hydraulic/elctric Drive

M&J 1000S – Static Shredder

The M&J 1000S is a stationary shredder with two powerful shafts that run asynchronously and in both directions. The interaction between these two shafts moves the input material around, avoiding bridging and ensuring maximum throughput.

It is the smallest design in our range, with a capacity of 8–25 tons/hour depending on input, the number of knives specified for the cutting table, and the feed set-up.  The M&J 1000S has three different Power Pack options – 2 x 55 kW, 2 x 75 kW and 2 x 90 kW – depending on the required capacity and type of material to be shredded.

The modular design makes it easy to adapt M&J 1000S shredders to meet specific operating requirements in new and existing plants. The combination of relatively small size and highly robust efficiency makes this shredder very versatile. This means you can use it for shedding an unusually wide range of inputs, even though it is designed for stationary installation

Download the M&J 1000S brochure (2345KB)



M&J 1000 Range

M&J 1000S
Number of shafts 2
Rotation speed 10 – 52 rpm
Cutting area (l x w) 1500 x 1560 mm
Dimensions (l x w x h) 3100 x 2100 x 1000
Number of knives 2 x 4/5/6/7
Motor 2 x 55 kW
– Upgrade 2 x 75 kW
– Upgrade to HDC 2 x 110 kW
Cutting table 8-9 t
Power pack 2.6 t
Chassis and conveyor 2.4 t
Total weight 13.0 t
Household Waste up to 50 tph
Demolition wood up to 30 tph
Industrial waste up to 20 tph
Bulky waste up to 20 tph
4 knives <450 mm
5 knives <350 mm
6 knives <250 mm
7 knives <150 mm