Spare parts and Service
Spare parts and Service

We offer a large range of spare parts for our products and can service your equipment on-site or in our factory. Always insist on using genuine Brentwood spare parts for your shredders

Always insist on genuine Brentwood Spare Parts

We carry a wide range of spare parts for our shredders and stock some critical parts for other equipment that we supply.   It can be tempting to save a few dollars by using non-genuine parts however this carries with it a high risk that the inferior part may damage equipment, costing you more in the long run.  The use of non-genuine parts in your Brentwood Shredder  during the warranty period will void your warranty.

If you need a part for your Brentwood shredder, or any other equipment supplied by Brentwood, call our spare parts team to discuss your requirements.  If you are enquiring about shredder parts, please have the serial number of the machine handy.

We service what we sell.

Servicing your Brentwood Shredder is critical to it’s ongoing efficiency and reliability.  Lack of proper maintenance is the prime cause of breakdowns in shredders.  Breakdowns cost you time and money so it makes good sense to ensure that your shredder is well maintained.

There are two primary levels of service for shredder :

Minor Services –  which involve the weekly and monthly inspections to make sure things are tight and lubrication is clean and filled correctly.

Major Services –  which involve dismantling the machine in order to repair or replace items which have come to the end of their life. These major overhauls are potentially risky and therefore potentially costly if not done correctly. The principle purpose in a Major Service is to return the machine to it’s original condition when it left the factory as a brand new machine.

Brentwood Recycling Systems are much more than just a machinery manufacturer. We have a service team who are here to assist you in the servicing of your Brentwood Shredder. Our Service Team can provide some or all of your servicing needs. We can:

  • Manage your Minor Servicing needs by an Annual Service contract geared to suit your operation, taking into account the expected demand on the machine and it’s hours of operation.
  • Attend to your Minor Service needs on a “call us when required” basis
  • Execute your Major Services in our workshop supported by our experienced team of boiler-makers and fabricators, machinists, fitters and painters.  In addition you recieve the input of the engineering and the sales team for nothing and the complete stock holding of the manufacturing facility so you don’t wait for the parts to arrive.

The Advantages of Servicing by Brentwood

Using Brentwood to service your shredder is a smart option.  There are some great advantages to you contracting Brentwood to attend to your service needs which include:

  • Returning your shredder to the “as-new” specifications is only possible with Brentwood, as we are the only ones with ALL the specifications of ALL the components in the machine.
  • Upgrading your machine to the latest specifications of the NEW Brentwood Shredders. This can include:
    – Upgrading Gearboxes to Bonfiglioli Planetary Drives
    – Installing High Pressure Seals to provide superior sealing and bearing protection.
    – Upgrading cutting chamber Seal protection plates to include replaceable bushes
    Only Brentwood have the knowledge and experience to be able to offer these upgrades.
  • Using Brentwood OEM parts, which ensures you are getting the complete Brentwood Design Philosophy in ever part ie make it from the best material, to provide the best service. By example, all our cutters are manufactured from alloy steels providing the highest level of impact strength together with very high surface hardness AND you can repair them with hard-facing and grinding to get the cutting edges back to OEM standards.
  • While endeavouring to ensure your machine is in the best possible condition we are very conscious of keeping your maintenance costs to a minimum. So if your cutters can be refurbished we will offer this instead of supplying new cutters.
  • We can draw on our broad knowledge of shredding (now over 34 years) to modify your machine if particular problems have arisen with your operation. We will be basing our modifications on proven solutions which we have seen work on other shredders.
  • We care about the reputation of our shredders and work tirelessly to improve them.
  • We have the stocks of parts to support servicing. If the overhaul requires some additional parts, it is more than likely we have them on the shelf, so no delays in getting them into the machine. We often see 3 and 4 deliveries of parts to workshops repairing our shredders which causes major delays in getting a machine back into service.

Refurbish your old machine.

At Brentwood we can refurbish your machine to near new condition.   Compared to the cost of a new machine, refurbishing your existing machine may make good sense.  We often refurbish some of our earliest machines (over 25 years old) and return these in near new condition for many more years of productive life.

Click here to go to our shredder refurbishment page to learn how we can bring your old shredder back to life.


Use Brentwood to refurbish your shredder to near new condition.