Brentwood Genuine Cutters
Brentwood Genuine Cutters

Not all cutters are made equal. At Brentwood we use special alloy cutters that give excellent service life and are repairable.

We can also repair our cutters to reduce your maintenance costs.

So – Why Are We So Proud Of Our Cutters?

More than 40 years of experience in manufacturing cutters for the most demanding applications is represented in the range of high strength cutters that we supply with our new machines and as aftermarket replacements for the wide range of Brentwood Shredders in the market today.

The selection of cutter materials and the manufacturing methods used to build our cutters are key to the superior core strength and superior surface hardness of our cutters. Brentwood cutters are manufactured from material far superior to any other material currently on the market today and are manufactured to exact tolerances to suit our shredders.

When you purchase Brentwood cutters you are investing in experience.


  • Superior Core Strength – Brentwood cutters are manufactured from a nickel-based alloy which gives the cutter a level of toughness not achievable in tool steels or many high carbon steels.
  • Superior Surface hardness – Brentwood cutters have a surface hardness of 60Rc compared to most carbon steels of 43-50Rc. This means they last longer.
  • Ease of Maintenance – Brentwood cutters can be serviced by means of hard face welding both in situ and full cutter servicing in our workshop. Hard facing is not possible on many high carbon or tool steels
  • Superior Cutting Action – Think of your cutters as a pair of scissors, the higher the quality the easier and more efficiently they work, same principle with your shredder. The rotating shear action of your shredder demands a close cutting action to ensure the machine runs efficiently. Brentwood cutters are ground to exacting tolerances to ensure a close cutting action. The cutter material used by Brentwood holds an edge longer due to the surface hardness of 60Rc
  • Superior Manufacturing – Our workshop refurbishes many shredders every year and we often see the effects caused by the fitting of non-genuine cutters that are not to our exacting tolerances. These cutters are often loose on the shaft and this results in damage to the shafts that in many cases requires full replacement of the shaft. Brentwood cutters have a machined hex drive with a close tolerance fit to ensure the correct cutter to shaft fitting is maintained. This level of accuracy is not achievable by traditional thermal or oxy cutting methods.


Always Insist On Genuine Brentwood Cutters

We pride ourselves on the superior strength and reliability of our cutters and the benefits that this brings to our customers. Using cutters that are not made by Brentwood will result in inferior cutter life, more difficult repairs to cutters, potential damage to shafts, and the voiding of your warranty.

We offer both standard and product-specific cutters which have been developed over many years of engineering and testing to ensure each profile is optimised to maximise efficiency whilst maintaining a reasonable replacement value.

To get the best performance and life from your shredder, always use genuine Brentwood spare parts that are designed, tested, and proven for use on Brentwood Shredders