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Brentwood Pre Breakers

Developed with the CSIRO, these machines are known throughout the industry for their trouble free operation and consistent throughput.

AZ50HDM Pre-breaker

The AZ50HDM range of pre-breakers includes 3 models with capacities up to 21T/hr.  This unit is perfectly suited for use in large meat processing facilities and is designed to take large heads and ribcages.  This unit will also process quartered beef carcases, whole sheep and pig carcasses.   The output from the standard 31mm cutters is suitable for blowing and V ram systems.



Key Features

  • 2 x 18.5kW drives
  • 3 standard cutting chamber lengths
  • Up to 21T/hr throughput
  • High torque/low speed
  • 120mm hexagonal shafts for superior strength
  • Planetary reduction gearbox
  • High surface hardness/high core strength repairable alloy cutters
  • 20 or 31mm cutters
  • Hot dip galvanised casing
  • Seal protection plates and high-pressure bearing seals
  • DOL, Smart Start, and Eco Vari-Drive control options with auto reverse and overload protection.


Click the image above to watch Gut Cutter and Pre-Breaker Videos

Tons/hr (kill floor/boning room material)12-1514-1916-21
Output size (mm)30 x 7530 x 7530 x 75
Full Load Current66 amps66 amps66 amps
DOL Starting Current536 amps536 amps536 amps
Shaft Centres229 mm229 mm229 mm
Shaft Diameter120 mm120 mm120 mm
Cutting Chamber Length905 mm1030 mm1240 mm
Cutting Chamber Width599 mm599 mm599 mm
Machine Length2731 mm2856 mm3056 mm
Machine Width1008 mm1008 mm1008 mm
Machine Height425 mm425 mm425 mm
Weight2300 kgs2600 kgs2800 kgs
Cutter Width Options20/31 mm20/31 mm20/31 mm
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