Brentwood Liquid Separation Plant
Brentwood Liquid Separation Plant

The cost effective separation of liquids from filled plastic bottles is where the Brentwood Liquid Separation Plant excels.

Brentwood Liquid Separation Plants

The solution for separation of liquids from filled plastic bottles

Plastic bottles – either filled or empty are placed into the safety hopper using a forklift with tippler arrangement (other systems on request). This Safety Hopper is fitted with a pneumatic sliding door arrangement to ensure material is not ejected from the hopper during shredding and that access to the shredder cutting chamber is restricted while the system is running.

At the base of the hopper is the Brentwood AZ15WL shredder – the heart of this unit – which feeds the shredded material into a specially designed screw feeder that allows any entrapped liquids to be released before discharging the shredded material into a bin located at the base

of the screw feed discharge. Liquids released during the shredding and screw agitation stages are gravity fed to discharge points along the screw housing. These liquids can be discharged into a bund or connected to a pump out system for removal and storage.

Both the shredder and screw feed units are fitted with a high-pressure water blasting system that is part of the integrated system to remove materials from the shredded plastic. The water blasting system also cleans the shredder cutters while shredding to ensure optimal performance of the system.

This system also makes end-of-shift cleanup a simple and quick procedure as no covers need to be removed and no operator needs to climb onto the unit to clean the shredder and screw. The LS15P will process plastic bottles up to 3 litres at an expected rate of 30 tons per hour (including liquids).

LS15P Features:

  • Brentwood AZ15WL 15kW shredder with 31mm triple hook cutters
  • 350mm diameter Screw Conveyor, 4.0m long on a 25 deg incline. 1.5kW drive
  • Water spray system (mains water fed) fitted to the screw and hopper to assist in cleaning the material and wash down of the system after use.
  • 1 m3 Infeed hopper with two 600mm x 1200mm safety interlocked pneumatic slide gates. Pneumatic actuation by manual control valve positioned upon shredder frame.
  • Shredder features as high torque/slow speed cutting action = low maintenance costs
  • Planetary gearbox on shredder gives exceptional duty cycle and low noise
  • Shredder has Hexagonal alloy shafts for superior strength and endurance
  • High strength case hardened alloy steel cutters that can be hard faced and dressed in situ.
  • 4 x 75mm drain outlets with sockets on the underside of screw casing for the discharge of liquids.
  • Supporting stand for shredder and screw arrangement
  • A production rate of approx 30T/hr (of filled plastic bottles)
  • Permalube system keeps end bearings lubricated.
  • Supplied as standard with PLC control panel fitted with a Brentwood Shredder Control card.
  • Brentwood ‘Smart Start’ or Brentwood “Eco Vari Drive” load management systems available
  • Fast access to spare parts through Brentwood’s Service department
  • Also available in larger versions (LS40P and LS50P) for production rates of 45T/hr and 55T/hr
  • Also available for oil filter processing (LS50F)
Machine LS15PLS40PLS50PLS50F
Shredder Motor (kW) 1 x 152 x 152 x 18.52 x 18.5
Approx Tons/hr 30455510
3 Phase Voltage 220V/60Hz 415V/50Hz 220V/60Hz 415V/50Hz220V/60Hz 415V/50Hz220V/60Hz 415V/50Hz
Output Size31mm x 75mm31mm x 75mm31mm x 75mm31mm x 75mm

Note: Tons/hr is based on filled plastic bottles (P versions) and car oil filters (F version). Some longer pieces are possible.



The perfect solution for separation of liquids and solids from steel cans.