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Shreds 1m3 Frozen Blocks whole!
Less time loading, more time cooking or further processing

Shreds a 1m³ of frozen blocks…in one go!

AZ100WM – for high volume food preparation / production lines.

Reduce manual handling costs and increase food production speed with this large shredder!

Large Cutting Chamber

Just load in a pallet sized cubic metre of your ingredient straight from the freezer and into the AZ100WM. It quickly reduces blocks into smaller pieces ready for cooking or further processing.

The Frozen blocks shredder has several special design characteristics to make this possible, such as:

  • Air activated pushers/breaker bars on both sides to the cutting chamber to keep the material actively moving ensuring no bridging (blockage) occurs
  • Large 1770mm long x 1740mm wide cutting chamber
  • 690mm shaft centres for ease of shredding large blocks


  • Replaceable cutters to maximize life
  • 150mm wide x 1000mm diameter
  • 6 cutters per shaft

Smooth Power and Control

  • 75kW drive (2×37.5 kW motors), belt drive to reduction gearboxes
  • Control Panel HMI with overload reversing function, PLC
  • CAT 3 Safety Standard


  • Feed Hopper

Designed and built in Australia

  • Which means we are here ready to talk with you
  • We can make customisations and machines to suit your requirements
  • If you would like to find out more, head over to the contact page or call us on (02) 4271 7511