Brentwood Genuine Cutters
Brentwood Single
Shaft Shredder

Transforms end of life materials into consistently sized output materials ready for recycling, RDF power or other purposes

* Timber
* Plastics
* Pallets
* and more

BWS 400-1250

Guaranteed sized output for solid waste source materials

Are you after consistently sized output for your rigid waste source?

The BSW 400-1250 turns Timber, Hardwood, Pallets and Plastics into useful consistently sized output materials. Consistently sized material output is useful for various applications, including:

  • Fuel source for RDF/SRF applications
  • Wood chips
  • Recycling materials
  • Reducing volume to reduce transport costs

Process up to 2 tons per hour with small footprint

  • 3670 long x 2630 wide x 2360 high – Bare machine is only
  • 3670 long x 4340 wide x 2360 high – Machine with hopper and conveyor

Larger-than-pallet sized infeed hopper

The BWS 400-1250 single shaft shredder comes fitted with a large  1250w x 1800 long x 900 high in-feed hopper allowing whole pallet-sized loads of materials to be loaded for processing.

You can feed the machine with mobile loaders (eg Skid-steer loaders,  Front end loaders) or install it in a plant fed with feed equipment (such as conveyors and apron feeders)

Grabs difficult-to-hold materials

Some materials can be notoriously difficult to effectively process (such as pallets and bottles) in other machines they can bounce and roll around in the cutting chamber.

The BWS 400-1250 has a hydraulic pusher ram designed to ensure that all materials in the hopper get processed. So all you need to do is keep feeding the material and let it get to work.

Sizing screen available in different sizes

The screen can be opened to allow un-shreddable material to be removed.

Shredded material drops onto the discharge conveyor below the screen.

Consistent sizing is suitable for use with air extraction systems.

Smooth reliable power!

The single shaft shredder comes with several features to ensure great operational experience

  • 55KW motor so the Single Shaft can mill through material in the cutting chamber
  • Belt drive ensures smooth running operation with inbuilt drive protection
  • Cover with bolt in access doors to protect your operators safe from all drive-train moving parts

The control system features a variety of safety aspects designed to protect operators and prevent drive train damage including:

Category 3 safety rating

Ensuring machine operators are kept away from moving parts with failsafe sensors, panel design and door interlocks.

“No-load Bridge Break” function.

If the current draw on the rotor motor drops below a preset level for approx 20 seconds, the pusher platen will stop and go in the reverse direction. When this happens material in the hopper is rearranged and when the pusher platen returns in the forward direction, shredding  resumes.

“Over current” function

If the current draw of the rotor is detected above a certain level then forward movement of the platen is ceased to protect the motor.

“Jam Over-time” function.

If the pusher platen has not reached it’s end position in approximately 60 secs the rotor will stop and the pusher platen will return to the home (or rear) position. Under these conditions it is assumed a large piece of material has jammed and needs removing from the infeed hopper.

Standard configuration:

  • 900mm high Hopper
  • 1 Sizing screen
  • Support stand
  • Electrical Control Panel with PLC operator control
  • Discharge conveyor – 3000mm long x 400mm wide

Installation requirements

  • Indoors
  • Outdoors undercover


SpecificationRotor Drive Motor55kw4 pole IP55Fully Enclosed, Fan cooled
Full Load current92amps
Starting current92ampsStar / delta start
Overload Current184amps(Overload current level machine is stopped)
Cutting Chamer1250mmwide
1800mmlong (hopper opening)
Rotor444mmdiam over cutters
90RPMSolid high tensile semi-killed carbon steel,
machined gooves with machined
tool holders welded into rotor
Cutting KnivesH13Tool steelthrough hardened to approx. 52 Rc. Bolt in replacable and rotateable to provide 4 cutting tips
Qty (upto )128cutters
Fixed Cutting BladeH13Tool steelthrough steel hardened to approx. 52 Rc, fixed by bolts Replacable and rotatable to provide 2 cutting edges
Secondary fixed bladeRotorH13Tool Steeltool through steel hardened to approx. 52 Rc, fixed by bolts Replacable and rotatable to provide 2 cutting edges
Screen under cuttersPivoted for maintenance protected by shear pins
Pusher PlatenHydraulic actuation to automatically cycle in and out while rotor running. Flat top allows loading on top of platern
shredding Stroke1240mm
Hydraulics Power5.5kWfor operation of pusher platern,
Double acting solenoid24VDCwith "soft-shift" valve action
Air blast cooler,
visual oil level indicator,
oil over-temperature switch,
ioil tank capacity75L
Electrical ControlsStandard Brentwood controls include a Schneider Modicon PLCProvide
"Over-current Sensing" function at 200%of full load to shut down rotor
"Under-current Sensing" function to enable pusher platen to stop and reverse direction, to assist material bridging and blockages
"Jam Over-time" function to shut down rotor and move platen to homeposition to enable removal of unshredable material
Rotor motion detection and solenoid door lockto ensure safe access to screen and conveyor area.
Category 3 Safety rating.
ConstructionFrame -AS250mild steel welded fabrication
Machine weight7,500kg(approx - with hopper)
DischargeBelt Conveyor 400mm wide x 3.0m long
Machine dimensions
Incl Hopper & Conveyor3670mm long x 4340mm wide x 2360mm high
Without hopper or conveyor3670mm long x 2630mm wide x 2360mm high
DriveElectric motor via belt driven helical gearbox which is shaft mounted to rotor
Rotor speed90RPM
Fully enclosed with safety cover, Interlocked with safty switches Covers
Easy access for maintenancehydraulic power pack, rotor drive motor, belts and gearbox