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Shredders: M&J 6000 Range

Probably one of the world’s most productive static waste shredders – with unique capabilities.

The M&J 6000S is one of the largest stationary shredders currently available anywhere in the world. This unit is equipped with two 4-metre-long shafts and an exceptionally large shredding zone approx. 7 sqm in size. Together, these features make this top-size unit ideal for shredding unusually bulky or very heavy inputs, and in large volumes.

The cutting table is 5500 x 2700 mm in size and power of up to 500 kW is available. The pre-shredder is available with 9, 12, 14 or 16 knives, depending on the required grain size. As is the case with all our shredders, you can vary the speed as required.

With the M&J 6000, you can adjust the speed from 14–38 rpm, helping make sure the output volume provides maximum efficiency in any subsequent processing. The cutting table itself weighs approx. 30 tons. With the chassis, conveyor, Power Pack and hopper, the overall weight amounts to about 50 tons.

M&J 6000S Static Shredder

The M&J 6000M is one of the largest pre-shredders currently on the market, and is capable of shredding large volumes of any kind of waste. These units are ideal when there is a need for very high capacities or for shredding material that is either extremely bulky or very heavy. Examples include large bales of paper, cardboard and plastic, and rolls from the paper industry.

The M&J 6000 is also available as a mobile unit. However, the weight and size of this machine mean a special transport permit is normally required. This should be taken into account when considering whether an M&J 6000S shredder is the most appropriate solution.

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Shredders: M&J 6000 Range

M&J 6000S
Number of shafts 2
Rotation speed 14 – 38 rpm
Cutting area (l x w) 3460 x 2120
Dimensions (l x w x h) 5500 x 2700 x 1450
Number of knives 2 x 9/12/14/16
Motor 2 x 200 kW
2 x 250 kW
Cutting table 28-32 t
Power pack 6.0 t
Chassis and conveyor 7.0 t
Total weight 41.0 t
Household Waste up to 200 tph
Demolition wood up to 120 tph
Industrial waste up to 80 tph
Bulky waste up to 80 tph
9 knives <450 mm
12 knives <300 mm
14 knives <200 mm