Brentwood Canned Food Separation Plant
Brentwood Canned Food Separation Plant

Combining several of our technologies, Brentwood has arrived at the perfect solution for separation of liquids and solids from steel cans.

The Brentwood LS50CF Separation Plant

The Brentwood LS50CF is the perfect solution for the recovery of solids and steel from rejected canned foods.

Canning operations worldwide create large quantities of unsaleable canned products that have been rejected due to container damage, processing problems, or out of date stock. While not suitable for human consumption, this resource is perfectly suited for livestock and can be mixed with standard animal fodder to create a high value fodder with high moisture content.

The problem has been how to remove the can contents efficiently without contaminating the end product with steel as even the smallest piece of steel that finds its way into animal fodder will seriously injure or kill the animal.

Brentwood has combined several of our technologies to arrive at a solution that recovers 95% of the can contents with zero steel contamination AND cleans the steel cans ready for sale as clean steel scrap.

The plant accepts material loaded into the infeed hopper and transfers this a feed conveyor that send the material to a Brentwood AZ50HD shredder where the steel cans are shredded, releasing most of the contents.

The shredded material is fed through a specially designed screw feeder equipped with high pressure water sprays allow any remaining solids to be released from the cans. A series of magnetic separation systems ensure that the solids are steel free and these are discharged into a suitable container.

The steel content is further processed to separate any paper or plastics that have been released so that clean steel is sent to the steel discharge conveyor. The system also removes non-ferrous materials, plastic and paper from the steel and solids stream and these are diverted to a separate collection bin.

LS50CF Features

  • Brentwood AZ50HD 37kW shredder with 31mm triple hook cutters
  • Zero steel contamination in the solids stream
  • 95% solids recovery
  • Shredder features as high torque/slow speed cutting action = low maintenance costs
  • Planetary gearbox on shredder gives exceptional duty cycle and low noise
  • Shredder has Hexagonal alloy shafts for superior strength and endurance and high strength case hardened alloy steel cutters that can be hard faced and dressed in situ.
  • Production rate approx 40T/hr
  • Steel recovery at 40T/hr = 4T/hr
  • Permalube system keeps shredder end bearings lubricated.
  • Supplied as standard with PLC control panel fitted with a Brentwood Shredder Control card.
  • Brentwood ‘Smart Start’ or Brentwood “Eco Vari Drive” load management systems available
  • Fast access to spare parts through Brentwood’s Service department


Brentwood LS50CF
Shredder AZ50HD – 2 x 18.5kW
Approx Tons/hr 4
Power 415V/50Hz
Output Size 31mm x 75mm

Note: Tons/hr is based on canned food. Some longer pieces are possible.


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