Brentwood Pre Breakers

Developed with the CSIRO, these machines are known throughout the industry for their trouble free operation and consistent throughput.

The solution for effective and consistent sizing of bone and hard offal for abattoir and rendering applications

Single shaft hoggers have been the mainstay of abattoir and rendering operations worldwide however these machines have some significant drawbacks when compared to Brentwood Pre-Breakers.

Traditional hoggers rotate at higher speeds and have greater interface tolerances resulting in inconsistently sized particles, product emulsification, and large amounts of separated fat particles ("pea fat") being generated and lost to the effluent system. Poor cutting efficiency and inconsistent particle size increases cooking times and can result in overcooking of the product resulting in increased fines and increased F.F.A (free fatty acids). Brentwood  Pre-Breakers are high torque/slow speed machines with low interface tolerances providing a cutting action that produces consistently sized particles and a reduction in fat losses therefore improving the efficiency of downstream processes.

The low residence time in the cutting chamber ensures that no heating or emulsification of the product occurs. Large material such as heads and rib cages are efficiently grabbed by the counter rotating cutters and dragged towards the opposing shaft. The material is then sheared as is passes between the intermeshing cutters. The high torque/low speed design increases cutting efficiency, reduces power requirements, and reduces maintenance costs. The design of the machine is robust so that any metal items such as hooks are able to be passed through the shredder with minimal damage. Larger unshreddable items will activate the overload back off function enabling an alarm to be sent to the operator and the unshreddable item removed.

These units can be easily cleaned with a high pressure hose and the hot dipped galvanised finish ensures a long cutting chamber life. These units were developed in conjunction with the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research organisation) to increase the efficiency of the Australian Abattoir Industry and have been proven under the most demanding conditions in hundreds of locations throughout Australia, New Zealand, and overseas.  See CSIRO reports A-89 and F-85

Key Features

  • Lower separated fat losses when compared to hoggers
  • Produces consistent particle size and shape to improve rendering performance. 25% reductions in batch cooking times have been recorded.
  • Consistent particle size improves blowing/ram performance
  • Developed with the CSIRO for proven performance under the toughest conditions in abattoirs and rendering plants throughout Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.
  • Higher throughput rates than hoggers and single shaft prebreakers
  • Heads, horns, and hocks are no problem
  • High torque/slow speed cutting action = low maintenance costs
  • Close tolerance cutting action 
  • Robust and durable
  • Fast replacement of cutters and fingers
  • Planetary gearbox gives exceptional duty cycle and low noise
  • Hexagonal alloy shafts for superior strength and endurance
  • Central finger support to ensure minimal shaft deflection
  • Transfer gearbox design engineered to distribute combined power of both motors to one cutter if required.
  • Hot dipped galvanised casing for long life
  • High strength case hardened alloy steel cutters that can be hard faced and dressed in situ.
  • Seal protection plates with replaceable hardened bushes protect bearings and the gearbox
  • Permalube system keeps end bearings lubricated.
  • Supplied as standard with galvanised meat hopper, galvanised stand, and DOL control panel fitted with a Brentwood Shredder Control card.
  • Brentwood 'Smart Start' or Brentwood "Eco Vari Drive" load management systems available
  • Fast access to spare parts through Brentwood's Service department

Model Summary

Specification AZ15WLM AZ50HDM-1000 AZ50HDM-1200 AZ50HDM-1400 AZ80/60M
Motor kW 1 x 15 2 x 18.5 2 x 18.5 2 x 18.5 2 x 30
Approx Tons/hr 7-10 12-17 14-19 16-21 27-35
3 Phase Voltage 415V/50Hz 415V/50Hz 415V/50Hz 415V/50Hz 415V/50Hz
Length over cutters (mm) 575 905 1030 1240 1300
Cutting Chamber Width (mm) 490 599 599 599 650
Number of shafts 2 2 2 2 2
Cutter Width (mm) 20/31mm 20/31mm 20/31mm 20/31mm 20/31mm
Output Size (mm) 20/30mm x 75mm 20/30mm x 75mm 20/30mm x 75mm 20/30mm x 75mm 20/30mm x 75mm
Machine length (mm) 2226 3127 3327 3527 3600
Width (mm) 900 1048 1048 1048 1200
Height (mm) 398 425 425 425 603
Weight (kgs) 900 2300 2600 2800 5000

Note : Tons/hr is based on kill floor and boning room material. Some longer pieces up to 200mm are possible.

CSIRO reports on use of the Brentwood Pre-Breaker

CSIRO Report A-89   (489KB)
CSIRO Report F-85   (259KB)