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Brentwood offer a wide range of hook and strip shredders for secure document destruction.  Hook style shredders can be supplied with 20mm, 31mm, or 47mm triple hook cutters.  These are a special design cutter for the high loads seen in paper shredding.  Output size is the same as the width of the cutter and 50-75mm long.

Output from this type of shredder is suitable for baling.


Brentwood also offer a range of security strip shredders as either a stand alone solution including an infeed conveyor and guarding or as a stand alone unit to enable integration into existing plant.  These shredders are designed to strip the material to various widths  from 12mm up to 20mm with a rough serrated edge, which is acceptable under most security conditions. 

They are extremely efficient and perform at a considerable increased rate per hour compared to shredders fitted with feed hoppers. By using a duplicated shredder system, cross-cut shredding can be achieved.

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