CK International Balers

Our Fully Automatic Balers are powerful, fast and reliable - and you can load the loose material in one end and get a fully tied bale at the other.
They are perfect for high volume waste and recycling of RDF, cardboard, plastic, paper and much more.

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Our range of semi auto balers provides cost effective management of waste and recycling streams, providing excellent compaction, throughput and reliability.

Balers: Full Auto Horizontal Twin Ram

If you're looking for extraordinary power and capacity, these automatic balers from CK International should tick all the boxes. They are the ultimate machine for businesses handling large amounts of waste or recycling material.

  • POWER: Ram force up to 120 tonnes, motor up to 55 kW
  • BALE DENSITY: Bale weights up to 1300 kg (RDF) and 900 kg (OCC)
  • FEED OPENING: 2250L x 1060W
  • THROUGHPUT: Up to 25 t/hr (RDF) and 11 t/hr (OCC)
  • FEATURES: Twin ram, full auto wire tieing, effective shearing, bale separation door, laser positioning on all rams, replceable Hardox liners, manual mode, PLC with networking capabilitues for monitoring and diagnostics, user friendly controls... and much more
  • OPTIONS: Left or right ejection, plastic strapping, side hinged pre-press... and more

These machines have enormous capability, as you would expect from a leading international manufacturer. Talk to us now about your Baling requirements - we are confident that we'll be able to deliver a Baling solutiuon that is tailored to your exact needs, with excellent ROI and levels of safety.

Bale Wrapping system can also be offered by Brentwood to integrate with your baler to provide a complete solution.



CKTR 82 Range

  CKTR82-60T-22kW CKTR82-80T-22kW CKTR82-60T-37kW CKTR82-120T-55kW
Bale Dimensions HxWxLmm 1300x1150x780 1300x1150x780 1300x1150x780 1300x1150x780
Bale weight OCC up to kg 540 600 600 650
Bale weight RDF up to kg 800 900 900 950
Power kW 22 22 37 55
Compaction Force t 60 80 80 120
Bale ejection Full Eject Full Eject Full Eject Full Eject
Production rate RDF@120kg/m3 10 9 13 20
Inlet opening mm 1900x1060 1900x1060 1900x1060 1900x1060

CKTR 121 Range

  CKTR121-80T-22kW CKTR121-80T-37kW CKTR121-120T-37kW CKTR121-120T-55kW
Bale Dimensions HxWxLmm 1500x1150x1200 1500x1150x1200 1500x1150x1200 1500x1150x1200
Bale weight OCC up to kg 800 800 900 900
Bale weight RDF up to kg 1200 1200 1300 1300
Power kW 22 37 37 55
Compaction Force t 80 80 120 120
Bale ejection Full Eject Full Eject Full Eject Full Eject
Production rate RDF@120kg/m3 15 20 18 25
Inlet opening mm 2250x1060 2250x1060 2250x1060 2250x1060