Brentwood Recycling Systems

238 Berkeley Rd
Unanderra NSW 2526

PO BOX 200
Unanderra NSW 2526

Phone: +61 2 4271 7511
Fax: +61 2 4272 9339


When you register your Brentwood shredder with us, it enables us to send you special offers relating to your shredder and any technical updates relevant to your machine.
Also use this form if you would like to sell your shredder and we can look for buyers for you.

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For sales enquiries, please contact us using the form below.  If you can tell us the type of material you are looking to process, the quantity per hour, and any sizing requirements we will be able to respond in more detail.  Of course you can also call us on +61 2 4271 7511.

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