Advertise used Brentwood shredders with us.

There is no better place to advertise your used Brentwood shredders than here on our site. Potential customers look to Brentwood first when seeking used equipment.

Advertise Your Brentwood

If you have a Brentwood shredder that you want to sell, then there is no better place than here on the Brentwood website.  As a manufacturer, we like to know that our machines are finding new life with new owners and with all the Brentwood shredders in one place, potential purchasers will find your machine faster when it is advertised on our site.

There is no charge for this service however there is a catch.  We only ask that you advise us who the final purchaser is so that we can keep track of where our shredders are and offer our spare parts and service capabilities. 

To advertise, fill in the form below and we will contact you to obtain pictures and any further details that we may require.  We will add further details such as drawings, specifications, usage recommendations to give potential purchasers the best information possible. 

Your contact details are listed with your advertisment and the potential buyer will contact you directly. 

Advertise Your Second Hand Machine

Complete this form with the details of the machine you have for sale.