DEPACKAGING FOOD WASTE – release trapped organics from containers with NEW technology

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Trapped organic materials in containers and packages (such as expired food or drink in tetrapaks, vacuum wraps, boxes, cans, bags, bottles, etc) is found in waste streams throughout Australia. A lot of it ends up in landfill.

This trapped organic matter in landfill creates several problems, such as lost resources, uncontrolled anaerobic fermentation which releases unpleasant smells and carbon dioxide.

Getting  trapped organics out of waste streams and out of landfill has now become a whole lot easier!

Introducing the Drycake Twister – an effective organics depackaging and separation system.  It harnesses the power of cyclonic force to break open and separate trapped organics from mixed and packaged waste.

Compared to other solutions, the twisters design has several key advantages – doesn’t shred the packaging, can handle up to 150 litre bags of waste, bulk loading from front end loader , separates to provide cleaner and drier plastics, tolerant to heavy objects, handles of a wide mix of waste  and more.

Trapped organics are turned into a consistent organic sludge.

The organic sludge can be used in a variety of organic processes such as composting, worm farming, fertizer production, biogas etc.

Extracted packaging is highly clean and dry.

The separated packaging can be recycled or disposed of in another process

Find out more about the range on our Drycake Twister Page

Brentwood is the official distributor for Drycake Twister products in Australia.

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