Brentwood have developed an exclusive arrangement with Gicom of Holland to distribute Gicom technology and plant in the in vessel waste composting market in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

GICOM In-Vessel Composting

GICOM In-Vessel Composting Plants

Process Control

The entire process is controlled by the GICOM process computer (G-2000) equipped with custom designed, patented software which allows dynamic control and pre-programming of key process setpoints within each composting activity unit.

All monitored results are recorded and displayed by the computer on a continuous basis. As results are recorded, they are simultaneously compared with setpoint data.

Based on this comparison and the range tolerance specified for process variables, the computer adjusts air- and water flows and conditions effecting respectively the composting cycle in the tunnels, set values for the building area, operation parameters for the waterscrubber and biofilter.

The process computer records and stores all instantaneous measurements and cumulative data for each tunnel for each of the following parameters:


Oxygen consumption (g/kg;g/h)
Total oxygen consumption (tons)
Water evaporation (g/kg;g/h)
Total water evaporated (tons)
Energy content of different air flows (J/kg;J/h)
Total amount of emitted energy (J)
Total amount of circulated air (m³)
Total amount of fresh air input (m³)
Water content of composting material (%)

During the process all the different process parameters can be shown in different tables on the computer screen. The user can create any graphic needed with the mentioned parameters. This facilitates rapid review, evaluation and adjustments (if necessary) of the composting process.

Water Management

All condensate and leachate (process water) is lead to a collection tank. This process water will be used to humidify exhaust airstreams within the scrubber and to moisture the compost within the tunnels. The overall water balance is negative, which means that no waste water has to be treated at a waste water sewage plant!


Brentwood Recycling Systems is proud to represent GICOM in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.