Foodwaste Depackaging
The Twister - Depackager

Versatile and effective mixed waste depackaging

The Twister is here! And here is why that is such a big deal.

Organic waste going to landfill is a problem involving food and liquids (often trapped in sealed containers) undergoing anaerobic decomposition that resulting in uncontrolled methane gas release, the loss of trapped resources and plastics entering the water system.

In Australia, studies show that about 50% of household waste is made up of organic material and In 2016-2017 as much as 75% of food waste (5.5 million tonnes) went to landfill around the country. (source page 9:

With national agreements now in place to halve organic waste going to landfill by 2030, it is no longer something resource recovery operators can simply ignore.

Effective organic waste management is about being able to effectively reclaim organic material trapped inside the various sealed (plastic or metal) containers, bags, sacks and boxes so that it can be appropriately processed in an organic processing technology.

Whether the organics are destined for an organic process such as composting  Digestor / Biogas plant, a worm farm or fly larvae the non organic plastics plastics need to be removed

This is not a new problem, however until now, most depackaging systems have drawbacks such as being difficult to feed, chop plastics into small pieces, prone to blocking easily, labour intensive to operate, complex to operate, require regular maintenance and/or regular cleaning.

Drycake has overcome those problems with a unique design that is easy to operate, fast, tolerant of a wide variety of input materials and effective at harvesting the organics trapped inside containers.

Can the Twister change the way waste recovery is managed?

The Twister is a depackaging & debagging organics system that extracts larger sized, cleaner, drier plastics which means up to 99% plastic free organics output.

Its unique patented design creates a spec sheet that reads like a wishlist!

In one machine you get:

  • Automated operation with only 1 employee required to run it
  • Low power consumption (55kw vortex motor)
  • Small footprint  – 2.8m x 6.5m
  • Up to 20t per hour processing capability
  • Versatile loading options
  • Large 6 cubic meter loading hopper
  • Anti-bridging design that prevents blockages.
  • Bag opener inbuilt
  • Tolerant of a wide range of real world input feed materials
  • Opens all sorts of containers and packages – Bottles, cans, tetra-pack, vacuum wraps, boxes etc
  • Can be operated wet or dry
  • Separates plastics from organic matter, including thick sludges.
  • Highly clean & dry reclaimed plastics output
  • Up to 99% plastic-free organic output stream
  • Built from corrosion resistant 304 Stainless Steel
  • Minimal cleaning necessary in operation – some operators have gone 6 months between cleans.
  • Reliable operation from damage minimizing design
  • Site serviceable
  • Different screening sizes available to suit desired organics consistency

So what exactly makes the Drycake Twister so unique and effective?

At the core of the Twister’s design is the high speed vertical vortex-creating paddle shaft.

In operation, this special shaft spins at high speed, creating it’s own upward vortex like flow that separates lighter materials from liquid and heavy materials found in the waste stream.

The feed screw in the inlet hopper pushes material at a controlled rate into the vortex chamber directly onto the paddle  shaft.

The rotating paddle shaft rips open any bags, containers, bags within bags,  releasing the organic contents into the chamber to create an ideal sludge like organic mixture.

This approach to bag and container opening results in reclaimed plastics that are larger sized  than other methods commonly employed in depackaging equipment.

The upward agitation and vortex created by the paddle shaft effectively “sucks” the plastics and light objects up and out of the sludgy mixture, into the airflow.

The airflow has a cleaning and drying effect on the lighter plastics packaging materials as they make their way out of the twisters packaging discharge.

The  outward motion created by the paddle shaft pushes the sludgy liquid organic mixture though fixed sizing filters to exit down out of the Twister.

Heavy items that may be present in the infeed material exit the machine early with the organics. This early stage exit from the chamber, greatly reduces damage risk of unexpected heavy objects to machinery.

Twister Outputs

Output stream 1 – Organics and heavy objects

Nice consistent (up to 99% plastics free) organic output ready for the next step in the processing journey.

Output stream 2 – Plastics and light materials

As you can see, the plastics and lighter materials exiting the Twister are relatively clean and dry.

The Twister Operation

Source waste from diverse sources such as:

  • Municipal waste (MSW)
  • Source separated organics,
  • Restaurant waste,
  • Surplus /Rejected / expired food waste
  • In all types of containers – cans, jars, glass bottles, plastic bottles, boxes, boxed and bagged goods, punnets, Tetra-paks, tins,  tubs, casks, containers mixed into waste, pallets of boxes, half eaten food in plastic,  etc.

Load the Twister with your choice of:

  • Loader
  • Crane
  • Conveyor
  • Directly from the back of the truck

The Twister then rips, splits and separates the organics from container materials delivering 2 outputs.

  • highly clean and dry plastics (Top output)
  • a  stream of mixed organics and solids (bottom output)

This output can be further processed to de-grit and to remove microplastics using the Drycake Seditank and the Drycake Cleanpress.

It’s 2 outputs are:
Separated plastic packaging & lighter items (
High quality,  99% plastic-free organic paste / liquid output that can be used for many things including:

  • Composting
  • Biogas Generation
  • Fertilizer manufacture

The organic output can be further enhanced with the DRYCAKE SEDITANK for de-gritting and removal of micro plastics.

The Twister by Drycake is now available in Australia exclusively from Brentwood Recycling Systems.


ModelTwister TSS 10Twister TSS 20
Tons per hourup to 10Up to 20
Infeed Hopper Volume3 m36 m3
Twister Motor (kw)3755
Length (mm)38005000
Width (mm)21002360
Height (mm)30003340
Load hieght (mm)19501950