Foam Densification Technologies

Fast, efficient and sophisticated densification processes that reduce waste volume and prepares material for commercial reuse Product density increased by up to 90%.


Avangard Innovative Cold Compression Densifier

Sophisticated engineering solutions have been combined together to form an efficient process that can be implemented across a range of foam materials. Cold compaction is suitable for users who prefer an alternative to melting technologies. The major advantage of these hydraulic cold compaction machines is the production of high-density blocks compared to many other machines.

The cold densification process has the added advantage of being useful for processing contaminated material containing paper or plastic. These impurities can be liberated post densification.

All machines are hand fed, however, bulk feeders are available for the high volume machines.

A Pre-Shredder to prepare material for the densification process is incorporated into all machines.

The cold densification process relies on a screw mounted under the shredder, to direct the shredded material into a compaction zone. In this zone, a hydraulic ram compresses the material against the friction in the outlet zone. The outlet zone friction is varied by a second hydraulic cylinder (mounted vertically) to achieve an across the range density of 350-500kg/m3. Compaction ratio of 80:1 is achievable with these machines.

ModelFD 2000FD 3000
Output density (kg/m3)350-500350-500
Volume Reduction80:180:1
Output Capacity90225
Electrical18.5kw, 415V, 3 Phase22kw, 415V, 3 Phase
Machine Weight (kg)18152270
Dimensions (mm)2920x2235x1675(H)3860 x 3050 x 1805(H)
Inlet Opening LxW (mm)600x450990x610