Brentwood Shredding Plants

Brentwood MPS and SM plants combine an steel apron feeder, conditioning roller, dual shaft shredder, refiner (SM plants) and discharge conveyor all in one package to offer a compete processing solution.

Shredding Plants

MPS and SM Plants : All in one solutions for varied input streams

Brentwood MPS and SM plants are an all in one solution for the processing of greenwaste, MSW, and builder's waste. The unique feature of these plants is the combined use of two feeding mechanisms and, in the case of the Shredder Mill, the use of a bypassable refiner after the dual shaft shredder.

A horizontal conveyor and driven overhead roller ensures positive feed to the shredder. Also included is a discharge conveyor to stockpile the shredded material. Being PLC controlled this range of machinery requires minimal operator involvement.


The following information applies to Models MPS/SM-50HD through to MPS/SM-150W

The basic plant consists of:

  1. Infeed Hopper - with steel apron feeder floor
  2. Shredder -  dual shaft shredder from 37 to 110 kW
  3. Refiner (SM plants only)  - can be bypassed to shred tyres etc
  4. Discharge Conveyor - Cleated belt
  5. Feed Roller - Driven roller to condition infeed material prior to shredding
  6. Control Cabinet  - PLC based control

Also available are a number of options to further enhance the operation of your plant such as Magnetic Separation and Screening.  Multipurpose Shredding Plants and Shreddermills are available as Mobile Plants supplied as trailer or skid mounted.