Metso M&J Fine Shredders

Fine Shredder used to shred plastic, wood, paper, fabrics and foams to produce 10-100mm screened particle size material ideal for RDF.

Model 4500 & 6500 Dual Shaft

Dual Shaft Design

The unique feature of the 4500/6500 FineShredder range is the Dual Shaft Design.

Two counter rotating shafts fitted with knives specially selected for the individual applications ensure a high degree of flexibility of the units. The unique design of the cutting area ensures minimal friction on the shaft. In combination with the continuously adjustable rotor speed, the variable cutting frequency and the optimal selection of screen sizes a very homogeneous output with a minimum content of fine fractions can be achieved.


The range includes two models with the following performance:

  Output Size (mm) RDF PET WEEE Wood
FineShred 4500 10 <=4t/h <=3t/h <=4t/h <=13t/h
  40 <=10t/h <=8t/h <=7t/h <=20t/h
  60 <=12t/h <=10t/h <=8t/h <=22t/h
FineShred 6500 10 <=9t/h <=5t/h <=6t/h <=20t/h
  40 <=15t/h <=10t/h <=10t/h <=30t/h
  60 <=18t/h <=14t/h <=12t/h <=33t/h
NOTE: Input material must be <300mm pre-sorted free of metals