Metso M&J Fine Shredders

Fine Shredder used to shred plastic, wood, paper, fabrics and foams to produce 10-100mm screened particle size material ideal for RDF.

Model 1550 & 3550 Single Shaft

Single Shaft Design with Hydraulic Lever Arm 

The 1550/3550 FineShredder range incorporate a Single Shaft Dual Shaft Design with hydraulic  operated lever arm. 

The multi-edged shaft is fitted with a patented knife system and is feed assisted by a hydraulic lever arm. The speed and the sensitivity of the pusher are interlinked with the function of the shaft. This ensures that material is not forced onto the shaft and a minimum of heat is generated. The single hydraulic drive of the shaft guarantees an impact resistant and resonance free power transmission.

All together a minimum of wear and energy consumption is secured.


 The range includes two models with the following performance:

RDF Output Size (mm) 10 20 30 50 80
FineShred 1550 (t/hr) 2 3 6 9 11
FineShred 3500 (t/hr) 3 6 10 14 16

 NOTE: Input material must be <300mm pre-sorted free of metals