Hydraulic cable Cutters

Hydraulic Cable Cutters from Holmatro (Netherlands) are a sound investment in quality cable processing equipment.

Built to perform under diverse conditions, these cutters are strong, lightweight, simple to use and safe.

Mobile Cable Cutters

Mobile Cable Cutters

Holmatro Cable Cutting Kits consists of a set of mobile cable cutters, a mobile hydraulic pump, 10 metre hose set, and mobile trolley.

Suitable for cutting all types of cable including telephone, ground cables, and armoured cables., this unit is made from high grade aluminium making these cutters lightweight, but strong . Blades are quickly and simply interchangable and the flat lever hinge pin enables optimum reach. Safe and easy to operate, these cutters can only be operated with two hands and have a deadman function. Moving parts are also shielded.

3 different kits are available - talk to Brentwood about which kit is right for your application.

Hydraulic Mobile Cable Cutters      
Model ICU 10A10 ICU 10A30 ICU40A30
Blade Opening 134mm 158mm 181mm
Working Pressure 500 bar 500 bar 500 bar
Cutting Force 242kN/24.6t 246kN/25.1t 644kN/65.7t
Weight 17.3kgs 15.3kgs 19.4kgs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 735 x 230 x 117 696 x 230 x 177 775 x 270 x 218
Mobile Pump units    
  IPU-M 06 W 6 SD (ICU 10 & 20) IPU-M 12 W 6 SD (ICU 40)
Motor 1.1kw 1.5kW
Power Supply 240V/50Hz 240V/50Hz
Working Pressure 500 bar 500 bar
Output <200 bars 1.6 l/min 3.2 l/min
Output >200 bars 0.6 l/min 1.2 l/min
Tank Capacity 6 Litres 6 litres
Weight 45kgs 47kgs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 462 x 339 x 470 462 x 339 x 470

ICU 10 A 10 Cable Cutter

IPU-M 06 W 6 SD Mobile Pump

Trolley for mobile pump pack and cutters

ICU 10A 30 Cable Cutter

IPU-M 12 W 6 SD Mobile Pump

Maintenance Kit for ICU 10 cutters

ICU 40 A 30 Cable Cutter

10 meter hoses for mobile cutters