Cushion Pack Cardboard Packaging Machines

Cushion Pack machines , from Germany, will shred cardboard boxes and recycle them in to soft, flexible packing material.

Reduce your eco footprint and save money !

CP323 S2

1.1kW 415V version of the CP320 S2 for increased output

With a 1.1kw 3 phase motor, the CP323 S2 allows greater throughput and thickness than the CP320 S2 making it the ideal machine for mid sized operations.   The small footprint of this machine and the ability to process up to 4m3 of material per hour enables even the smallest facility to realise cost savings. 

Key Features

  • Small footprint
  • 1.1kW 3 phase motor
  • Up to 4m3/hr of throughput
  • Built in dust extraction outlet
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Low cost
  • Low maintenance
  • Side trim knife allows any width cardboard to be processed