Cushion Pack Cardboard Packaging Machines

Cushion Pack machines , from Germany, will shred cardboard boxes and recycle them in to soft, flexible packing material.

Reduce your eco footprint and save money !

CP320 S2

Ideal for small distribution and parts businesses

The CP320 S2 is designed for low to medium volume cardboard shredding. As this machine operates on 240V single phase supply, it is  the right choice for small businesses that require a machine with the minimum footprint and fast and reliable shredding.  Maintenance on all Cushion Pack machines is simple with a special port for spraying WD-40 onto the parts that require lubrication.

Key Features

  • Low cost
  • Small Footprint - takes up very little space
  • Low maintenance
  • Safe and user friendly
  • Side trim knife allows any width cardboard can be processed - no need to pre-cut the carton.
  • Dust extraction ducting provided